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The New Mexico Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) Program
establishes the foundation to raise and maintain the professional standards and abilities of all those individuals who work in the area of floodplain management. The NM CFM program was patterned after the certified floodplain manager program established by the Association of State Floodplain Managers and has been accredited by them. As an ASFPM accredited program, the NM CFM program is authorized to use the CFM® registered trademark.

NM CFM Program Charter
The CFM Examination

is offered at each NMFMA conference/workshop and at other times approved by the NMFMA Certification Board. In order to take the exam and become certified ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. The following steps outline the process:


1.  Download the exam application packet - CFM Exam Application Form
2.  If you are paying by credit card online, you can email the completed packet to
3.  OR, you can mail the packet along with your check to the address on page 5 of the packet
4.  Be sure to make a note of the location of the exam and the method of payment (include check #) on the application.


Contact Grant Pinkerton if you have any questions about registering for the exam.

Technical Reference Guide  ASFPM has recently created the Technical Reference Guide "which makes study and reference documents more user friendly. This update separated reference documents by topic area, and the links have been verified and vetted to contain a reference for every question on the exam. We hope you find it a useful tool to give to future exam takers. If you find any additions or deletions that need to be made to this guide, please let us know."


CFM Renewal

is required every two years (see NM CFM Program Charter). Send a completed application ( CFM Renewal Application Form ) with the proper fee and CEC forms ( CEC Verification Form) in order to renew your certification without retaking the exam.


is offered to those who are unsuccessful in passing the exam.  You can take the exam again within one year by submitting the application ( CFM Exam Retake Application Form) and a reduced fee to the Certification Board.


Transferring CFM

is called "reciprocity" and is determined by each state with a CFM program. NMFMA's policy has been adopted by  NMFMA Resolution 00-1a