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New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association
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Documents of General Interest

The documents listed on this page cover a wide range of subjects regarding flooding and floodplain management.  

A History of Floods and Flood Problems in New Mexico 2003

Turn Around - Don't Drown Brochure

New to Floodplain Management

NMFMA has sponsored several projects designed to help communities new to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and newly appointed local floodplain managers understand their responsibilities under the National Flood Insurance Program.  We hope that the following documents will be helpful.

FEMA Floodplain Management Study Guide and Desk Reference 

New Mexico Floodplain Management Handbook 

Ready Reference for New Mexico Floodplain Managers 2020

New Community Resources

The documents listed below may be helpful for communities that are new to the NFIP and for local floodplain managers who are starting up a floodplain management program for their community.  Click on the link to view the document.

Adopting a Floodplain Ordinance and Joining the NFIP. 2004. (400 kb)

NFIP Forms And Documents

Elevation Certificate (to view the pdf version on the FEMA web site):

FEMA Elevation Certificate Form 2022 - CRS Check List (link to CRS web site)

FEMA Form FF-206-FY-22-153 Dry Floodproofing Certificate Non-Residential

FEMA Form FF-206-FY-22-153 Dry Floodproofing Certificate Non-Residential (link to FEMA Form)

NFIP Support Call Center(pdf.)

Temporary Occupancy of Substantially Damaged Structures after a Disaster

Substantial Damage Fact Sheet

Guidance for the Placement of Temporary Development in Special Flood Hazard Areas

FEMA Base Level Engineering and Water Surface Elevation Grids

FEMA P-993 Variances and the NFIP