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New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association
PO Box 1235, Las Cruces NM 88004
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Official NMFMA Documents
The documents listed on this page are official documents of the New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association.  They include the Constitution, By Laws, Policies, and Resolutions adopted by the Association.

NMFMA Policies:
Policy P 23-01 - Goals and Objectives
Policy P 23-02 - Resolutions
Policy P 23-03 - Awards
Policy P 23-04 - Computer Equipment
Policy P 23-05 - Display Materials
Policy P 23-06 - Travel Reimbursement
Policy P 23-07 - Certification Committee
Policy P 23-08 - Financial Oversight
Policy P 23-09 - Committees
Policy P 23-10 - Notifications
Policy P 23-11 - Sponsorship Recognition
Policy P 23-12 - Contracting with Executive Director
Policy P 23-13 - Dues for New Members
Policy P 23-14 - Nomination of Officers and Regional Directors, Election, and Result Reporting

NMFMA Resolutions:
Since September 2000, the membership of NMFMA passed a number of resolutions aimed at improving the professionalism of its members, strengthening the state capability in floodplain management and requesting assistance
to community floodplain managers from the state and federal governments.
NMFMA had legislation introduced to implement several of these resolutions in 2001 and 2003. This legislation was passed and signed into law. Letters
were sent to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety (DPS), and to FEMA Region VI, requesting their assistance on other resolutions.

Resolution 00-1a: NMFMA Offers Reciprocity to Any CFM Certified by An Accredited Program
Resolution 00-1a: Communities Should Adopt Floodplain Regulations and Participate in the NFIP
Resolution 00-2: DPS Recognized as State Floodplain Coordinating Agency, Responsible for Certification of Floodplain Managers
Resolution 00-3: New Mexico Floodplain Managers Should Be Certified
Resolution 00-4: State Should Fund Two Additional Staff for DPS
Resolution 00-5: DPS Should Determine Need for New Maps, State Should Provide Funds
Resolution 00-6: State Should Determine Need for Stream Gage Data, Provide Necessary Funding
Resolution 00-7: DPS Should Develop a Technical Guide for Unmapped Watercourses to Be Used by All Communities
Resolution 00-8: Current Members of the NMFMA Certification Committee May Apply for Certification
Resolution 00-9: CID and MHD Must Regulate New Development to Standards in § 3.18.7.B
Resolution 00-10: Residents Should Learn About Flood Hazard and Purchase Flood Insurance
Resolution 00-11: NM Communities Need CAVs
Resolution 00-12: FEMA Should Review Status of Communities with No Identified Flood Hazards
Resolution 00-13: State Funded Buildings Should Comply With § 3.18.7.B
Resolution 01-1: NM Communities Should Have a CFM No Later Than December 31, 2002
Resolution 01-2: DPS Should Adopt the NMFMA Certification Program
Resolution 02-1: Community Floodplain Managers Should Assist in Emergency Planning Within Their Communities
Resolution 02-2: Owners of High and Significant Hazard Dams Should Prepare Emergency Action Plans
Resolution R 03-1: New Mexico Communities Should Count the Number of Buildings in Their Floodplains
Resolution R 03-2: New Mexico Communities Should Consider Adoption of Higher Floodplain Management Standards
Resolution R-06-01: All Building Permits and Placement Permits for Manufactured Homes Must Be Reviewed by The Community